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March 05, 2003

Recent Errata from Readers

From reader Gary and reader Marcus Caton:

Hello world application contains error. focus="username" should be focus="person" otherwise there are javascript errors and no focus.

Listing 3.1 - hello.jsp

html:form tag focus="username" attribute should be focus="person".

From reader Dan Allen:

Shouldn't you mention that the perform() method in the Action has been deprecated and is now the execute() method (if you are going to keep up to date with Struts 1.1).

Also, the ActionForward has been deprecated for ForwardConfig, which now has the ability to perform a redirect outside of the current application, contrary to the discussion at the end of Chapter 8. Doing the response.redirect() is now an unnecessary interjection.

I really question the need for the query string on the form definition.

form action="/HelloWorld.do?action=gotName"

When you request hello.jsp, the HelloAction class never get's instantiated, so it will have the same affect.

It also seems that the message resources file on the cd is named ApplicationResources.properties even though the struts-config.xml points to a Application.properties under ch03/hello

Good catches, Dan. As you might imagine, it was a real struggle to keep up with everything changing as 1.1 prepared to go out the door. We are trying to catch anything we missed here.

We're also trying to improve the chapter 3 stuff, as I mentioned elsewhere, Kevin's done a new version of the zip file.

- James

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Zip file for Chapter 3 now available

Kevin's done a new and improved HelloWorld webapp that should hopefully help anyone who had problems with the version of the app found in chapter 3.

He's also written a length article on how to install it, which should be up on Gamelan, we'll provide a link once it's live.

The new printing of the book will also include a new appendix, which covers installation.

You can download the zip file here

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January 15, 2003

New option for html:link

In reference to html:link (the description of which begins on page 203 of Struts Kick Start), a new parameter has been added.

Instead of using <html:link page="/myapp/foo.do">, you can instead use <html:link action="/myapp/foo">, which has the advantage of hidding the actual implementation of action mapping inside the struts-config file, where it belongs.

Posted by blackbear at 03:07 PM | Comments (16)